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Your Personal Bargain Hunter SM . At, we believe there's an art to bargain shopping. And it doesn't involve rummaging through bargain bins or spending the whole weekend at the outlet mall. Here, you'll discover all your favorite brands at smart low prices, ready whenever you want to shop.

Since 1999, we've been dedicated to giving you an online, off-price shopping experience that's easy, instantly rewarding, and always fun. Every day, our professional buyers search the globe to bring you an edited selection of quality, brand-name goods in home, fashion, jewelry, and more. We've logged the miles, sorted the bargains, and selected only the best for you.

Our commitment to you starts with the quality of our goods and continues to our web site, our state-of- the-art fulfillment center, and our highly responsive and dedicated customer service team that's always happy to help you. Every bargain can be returned within 30 days for your money back, so you can always shop with confidence.

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So come on in. Discover how easy it is to save on the brands you love the most. At, we are Your Personal Bargain Hunter SM .

It's the first thing most people ask us: "How on earth can you sell these products for these low prices?" Well, we couldn't do it without our expert buyers. They're dedicated to providing an edited assortment of merchandise that represents the true value and quality you've been hunting for. Learn more about them and how they work behind the scenes to find bargains for you.

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Our Expert Buyers
When you shop for a living, you're able to recognize an unbeatable bargain when you spot it. Our expert buyers are professional shoppers who work for They're dedicated to the pursuit of the bargain, searching the globe for exceptional quality and high-end brands at rock-bottom prices for you. When they see an opportunity to save, they pounce! And we pass the savings on to you.

Here are a few examples of how our expert buyers find bargains for you:

Canceled Orders
Imagine you're the CEO of a big store. You wake up in the morning and it hits you. You want to change what you sell. You want to get out of handbags and into handmade ballet figurines. You call up your manufacturer and cancel orders. That's where we come in. We buy up the canceled merchandise - and negotiate a great low price.

You're still the CEO of that big store. This time, you've placed a big order for fleece pullovers with your manufacturer. The manufacturer produces a few extra pullovers over and above your order. We happily pick up this overrun merchandise - again, at huge savings off retail.

Manufacturer Closeouts
Now imagine you're an Italian designer with a vision: hot pink buttons on all dress shirts. But you can't begin until you've found a home for all the white-button shirts you just manufactured. What do you do? You call us, of course. We take the closeout merchandise off your hands - at super discounts off the boutique price.

Of course, before we put any bargain on our site, we confirm that it holds up to our high standards for quality. Plus, with our 30-day returns behind every bargain, you can always shop with confidence.

Respectful. Challenging. Fun. Creative. associates use these words and more to describe the atmosphere here at "the Bargain." isn't your everyday company. We're a pure-play online company. We're also an off-price, fashion-forward retailer. We value our customers and each other. We work hard to bring the best brands to our customers at up to 70% off list price. But we also know how to relax and have fun. Think you'd thrive in an environment like ours? We'd love to hear from you. Microbar

Cheap CDs, DVDs and Games at! Buy and sell! has been online since August, 1996. The corporate offices and warehouse are located at 2230 E. Carson St. in Carson, California.

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In June, 1998, the first retail store opened in Sherman Oaks , California. Since then, stores have opened in Costa Mesa , California, Santa Monica , California, and the 12,000 sq. ft. superstore in Denver , Colorado.

Check out Cheap Games in the Just In Bin! is the Internet's Largest Buyer and Seller of CDs, DVDs and Games.  Get everyday free shipping.

Products on the site come from three sources: the internet, the retail stores and from brokers around the country.

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This gives a much wider variety of music and movies than other used sites. Strict quality control keeps the defect rate to less than 1%, so everything is 100% guaranteed.

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Info's, news, messages, submissions and commends welcome!

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