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TextbookX - Find new and used Textbooks and general books up to 90% off retail prices. (Akademos, Inc.)

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Akademos, Inc. was founded in March 1999 by Brian Jacobs, then a professor of political philosophy at Cornell University. The company's mission is to use new media and content distribution models to democratize and advance the development and distribution of educational resources. (Akademos, Inc.)

Over 900,000 new and used books!. (Akademos, Inc.)

Akademos, an olive grove outside of Athens named after a Greek war hero, was once the site of Plato's school of philosophy and is the source of the English word "academy." For many, Plato's Academy was the birthplace of western philosophy, scientific reason, and some of our most cherished ideas about justice and the free exchange of ideas. (Akademos, Inc.)

In 2006, Akademos was recognized as one of Deloitte and Touche's Technology Fast 50 companies in Connecticut. (Akademos, Inc.)

"Deloitte's Connecticut Technology Fast 50 companies have shown the strength, vision and tenacity to succeed in today's very competitive technology environment. We applaud the successes of Akademos, Inc. and acknowledge it as one of few companies in this region to accomplish such a fast growth rate over the past five years." (Akademos, Inc.)

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Reader's Digest is one of the world's pre-eminent creators and direct marketers of unique books, music collections, and DVD and video products that inform, enrich, entertain, and inspire people of all ages and cultures around the world.

The Readers Digest name is one of the most recognized and trusted brands in existence today. Its products are sold around the world through television, print, retail, the Internet, telemarketing, and direct sales.

RD Magazine plus

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RD Magazine plus

Keyword search functions are provided on the RD sites as a convenience to our users.
We do not collect your name or email address as a result of using a search feature.
We may keep logs of all words searched to help us learn what kinds of information visitors are seeking, and to improve our service to visitors. (Readers Digest)

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Discussion Boards
Please be aware that discussion board postings are not private. Others may capture your email address and send you email messages if you post your email address.
Reader's Digest cannot control such actions by others; however, we urge you and any other discussion board user not to use our forums as a source of email addresses for sending unsolicited messages.
Only individuals 13 years of age or older may participate in our discussion boards. (Readers Digest)

RD Magazine plus

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RD Magazine plus, Inc.

Men's, Inc. is the oldest, the largest, and the most dependable magazine subscription service on the Internet. We are a privately-held company based in Franklin, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville. Our major investors include Anderson Media (one of the country's largest wholesale-distributors of magazines, music, books, and video) and Time Inc. (publisher of leading titles such as People, Sports Illustrated and Time ).

Women's, Inc.

In 2003, we acquired the leading online subscription service for free business magazines. For a complete list of our free business magazines, click here . was recently ranked by comScore as one of the Top 100 U.S. Internet Properties and has appeared on the TODAY show as one of the best gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions. To visit our gift center, click here ., Inc.

We have a direct relationship with every magazine that we offer. This ensures you of prompt, reliable service and great prices. We offer the lowest authorized price on each magazine. From time to time, you will see lower prices on other Internet sites. We want to warn you that these are unauthorized offers from unauthorized sites. We urge you to use caution when doing business with these sites. Our advice is to call them first and make sure that they have live customer support in case you experience a problem with your order or your credit card transaction. At, a live, friendly customer care representative is always a free phone call away at 1-800-MAGAZINES. For more information on our customer care and our hours of operation, click here .

We would love a chance to earn your business and to add you to our growing list of customers. To read what some of our customers are saying about us, click here . To read the Top Ten Reasons to Shop at, click here ., Inc.

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1. OVER 1,500 MAGAZINES - We have the best selection of Magazines on the internet - from general interest to niche and even FREE business magazines!, Inc.


Get Great Deals on Books, Music and Movies at Alibris!

Alibris (pronounced "uh-LEE-briss") connects people who love books, music, and movies to thousands of independent sellers around the world. Our proprietary technology and advanced logistics allow us to offer over 60 million used, new, and out-of-print books to consumers, libraries, and retailers.


The Alibris Story

Before the browser
Richard Weatherford is a bookseller who loves old books and new technology. After earning his doctorate in English from UCLA and teaching college for some years, Dick turned to selling antiquarian books via specialized catalogs from his home near Seattle. He soon realized that computer databases had a lot to offer the antiquarian book business. In 1982, he wrote a business plan for a company that would build an online database for antiquarian booksellers. He called the company Interloc because it would serve as an interlocutor (that's English professor for "go-between") to help sellers to locate hard-to-find books. Unfortunately startup capital was harder to find than a signed JD Salinger, in part because personal computers were still scarce, expensive, and difficult to connect.

In 1991, Dick was hired by Faxon, a book and magazine subscription service firm, to salvage BookQuest, an early online database for antiquarian booksellers. BookQuest failed, but it taught Dick a lot and it revived the idea of Interloc. Because computer use was growing exponentially, the idea seemed timely and Dick was able to raise nearly $50,000, mainly from booksellers who respected his thinking and vision. Interloc went live in 1993, prior to the widespread use of the world-wide web.

The first successful online bookseller service
Initially, Interloc was a database for professional booksellers only. It was not open to the public. (Even as the web exploded in popularity, Dick decided against putting the Interloc database on the web, arguing that "our mission is to help booksellers find books for their own customers.") Dick recruited Tom Sawyer, who in 1993 published Record Manager, the first desktop software for booksellers. The data standard that Tom developed for Record Manager, called UIEE, is still in widespread use today. Interloc enabled sellers to transfer files of book listings over modems using DOS-based computers. Interloc built the first system to match requests, or "wants" from customers with books available for sale. It was a pioneering system, and the small company became the first successful online service for booksellers.

Interloc was quickly copied, right down to the UIEE data standard. Imitators wisely ignored Dick's advice to "stay off the web." Several launched websites before Interloc finally launched its own site in 1996.

A global vision from traveling the backroads
In 1997, Marty Manley asked an author friend how to find a copy of her book, which was out-of-print. Manley had what might politely be termed a nonstandard resume: among other things, he had been a machinist and a leader of several labor unions, a McKinsey and Co. management consultant, a sought-after turnaround expert, and Assistant Secretary of Labor for Bill Clinton. Over dinner, the author suggested that Marty use Interloc to track down a copy of her book. Marty found the book and was immediately hooked on Interloc's rich content. He sought out Richard Weatherford and was soon introduced to him in an office at the top of San Francisco's highest skyscraper.

Marty and Dick discussed how Interloc might become a large company that could deliver the growing power of e-commerce to independent booksellers while delivering extraordinary selection to businesses and book lovers. They spent three weeks traveling and meeting with booksellers across the US to learn what was working and not working with the emerging world of online bookselling. By the end of these travels, they had decided to create a new company out of Interloc.

Thus was Alibris born. Marty started the new company in California, where the first employees came to work in his house.

A different approach to online bookselling
From the beginning, Marty and Dick were determined to bring several new approaches to online bookselling:

Alibris Hard to Find Books Standard

A partnership with independent, professional booksellers. Marty and Dick decided early on that Alibris would be an at-risk partner, not a listing service. This approach attracted a large number of professional sellers and now enables Alibris to offer tens of millions of books for sale.

Sales to business as well as to retail customers.
Alibris was determined to enable professional booksellers to reach business and library customers, not just consumers. Interloc had learned this lesson early by serving as the first supplier of out-of-print books to nearby

Specialized logistics. Many business customers required orders to be consolidated, repackaged, custom invoiced, or shipped overseas at low cost. By building sophisticated low-cost logistics capabilities from the start, Alibris would serve those customers and booksellers could enjoy the benefit of increased sales.

Superior market intelligence.
Because Alibris naturally collects a great deal of information about book buying and selling, the company came to be able to offer both customers and sellers essential market information. Today, Alibris knows exactly what books sell and at what price. Alibris helps sellers continually update prices, makes sure that business customers get data for used books that is as good as new, and handles publishers' returns and remainders in very large quantity.

A great place for talented people to work.
From the start, Alibris worked to attract and motivate talented people by encouraging initiative, respecting differences, and rewarding professionalism and results.


Alibris today
Today, Alibris is a vibrant marketplace operating in the two fastest growing areas of the $90B worldwide book business: online sales and used and out-of-print books.

Many, many people have made the Alibris journey possible. Alibris thrives thanks to the loyalty of more than a million business and retail customers and an incredibly capable and dedicated business, technical, and support staff. Alibris continues to benefit from experienced venture investors who stood by the company in good times and bad. Finally, Alibris has been incredibly well served by its leadership, including a board and management team that is widely and justly admired.

Alibris tomorrow
But the most exciting part of the Alibris story is still being written by our customers, sellers, staff, and investors. It is a story that will feature overseas growth, a vibrant movie and music business, new forms of book purchasing, and new kinds of sellers who help Alibris connect people who love books with independent professional booksellers from around the world.

Banned Books


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