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The Occasions Group

The Occasions Group- Invitations by Dawn

Find the perfect coordinating invitation for your unique wedding theme!

Get your date noticed with Save the Date Magnets, Photo Cards & More!

Classic Wedding Invitations from Invitations by Dawn!

The Occasions Group

Whatever the Occasion, The Occasions Group can help you plan! Our products include personalized Holiday greeting cards, custom and print your own Wedding invitations,wedding favors, wedding accessories, and party invitations, party supplies, e-cards, and more.

Shop for invitations and accessories for every wedding theme!

Shop new DIY wedding invitations at Invitations by Dawn

Flower themed wedding invitations for a blossoming symbol of love!

The Occasions Group

From modern to traditional, you will find it all! For all of life's memorable occasions, help celebrate them with our Six,,,, Ann's Bridal Bargains, and

Wedding invitations to fit your budget

The Occasions Group

Planning a wedding? Request up to 3 free wedding invitation samples now from Invitations by Dawn.

The Occasions Group

We offer an impressive selection of wedding invitations produced with the highest quality printing in the industry. Our selection includes theme invitations and accessories for every wedding style under the sun - from classics such as sweethearts and roses to new additions like Internet, sports and Asian themes. We also feature Destination Romance , Seasons of Love , and Wedding Country - specialty invitation and accessory lines for destination weddings and weddings with a country theme.

Country Western Wedding Invitations and Accessories

Dawn- Winter Banner

Request up to three free invitation samples

The Occasions Group

Every order from us is fully backed by our outstanding reputation and promise of 100% satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with any of the product you purchased from Dawn, simply return the merchandise within 30 days of receipt for a replacement or full cash refund. To further ensure that you'll fall in love with your invitations, use our online proofing feature to view a proof of your invitation BEFORE you order.

Dawn- Fall Season's Ad

If at any time you have questions, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives will be more than happy to assist you. These are just a few of the ways that we make sure you're thrilled with your order!

Free wedding invitation samples

The Occasions Group

Magic Cabin

Magic Cabin

Find All of Your Stocking Stuffers Here at Magic Cabin! - Shop Now!

Magic Cabin - Easter

Mini Chocolate Gift Bags - Hot Product from Magic Cabin!

From our humble beginnings in 1989, to our full-color, full-size catalog of today, Magic Cabin has been guided by the simple notion that children's lives are enriched by ample time for open-ended, creative, imaginative play. We believe in good-old-fashioned make believe and in children's innate need to interact with simple, natural toys and crafts. The words "batteries not included" do not appear in our catalog simply because our toys are "kid-powered." While childhood becomes endangered we pioneer towards protecting this special time in life by conscientiously selecting products that are beautiful and enchanting, sturdy and safe, and best of all, FUN.

Magic Cabin - Easter

Child's Life-Size Doll - A Magic Cabin Hot Product!

From Cabin to Company
In 1989 Sara McDonald, a stay-at-home mom, began making natural-fiber Waldorf-style dolls and selling them locally. Inspired by the enchanting cabin in which she was living and working, Sara named her new company Magic Cabin Dolls. As demand for the dolls grew, Sara added doll-making kits and classes to her business roster. Word spread, and she began traveling from coast to coast teaching adults how to make dolls for their own children.

Magic Cabin - Easter

Find Everything For Your Little Chef Here at Magic Cabin! - Shop Now!

In 1990, after a move from the cabin (in the woods of Minnesota) to a farm on the rolling farmland of Wisconsin, Sara mailed the first Magic Cabin Dolls catalog -- a 12-page, black and white catalog that offered 34 doll-related products -- to 600 homes. All of the dolls were handmade by Sara, and she and her husband Bill packed and shipped the orders from their farm.

Magic Cabin

Natural Lollipops - Great Gift at Magic Cabin

By 1995 the catalog was a thriving business, with employees and doll makers drawn from outside the family. The catalog has continued to grow, and to change, in the ensuing ten years. Toys, games, and crafts have been added to its pages, and its name has accordingly been shortened to Magic Cabin. One thing that has not and will not change is Magic Cabin's dedication to offering "Childhood's Purest Treasures" -- unique dolls, toys, and crafts that are heirloom-quality, environmentally friendly, fun to play with, and that, most of all, ignite the imaginations of children.

Magic Cabin

Dinner Games from Magic Cabin

Magic Cabin is part of the Plow and Hearth family of brands, a trusted source of quality products and top-rated customer service for over 25 years.

Magic Cabin DOW

As a national mail order, catalog, internet and retail company, Plow and Hearth Inc. offers career opportunities in the fields of marketing, advertising, merchandising, product development, operations and more.

Magic Cabin

Find Children's Picture Atlas at MagicCabin - Click Here!

Since our beginnings nearly 20 years ago, we have been dedicated to finding unique toys, games, and crafts that will enrich children's lives by encouraging open-ended, creative, imaginative play. Our search for exceptional products takes us all over the world. And every toy-no matter its country of origin-is submitted to the same stringent safety testing.

Magic Cabin

Find Dinner Games at MagicCabin - Shop Now!

Our Product Safety and Quality Assurance Team works closely with our Merchandise Team to analyze each prospective toy's safety from every possible angle before it can be considered for inclusion in the catalog. Our QA associates are all members of the American Society for Quality and regularly review Federal and State requirements to make sure our testing standards conform to the most current mandated regulations.

Magic Cabin - Easter

We require that every product be tested to the most rigorous criteria of the American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM F963) and the Code of Federal Regulations (16 CFR 1303) for Lead In Paint. In addition, we require that every toy comply with the strictest standards for material safety, flammability, choking hazards, sharp points, pinching, and more.

Magic Cabin - Easter

Our vendors, too, are required to submit documentation from independent testing laboratories proving their products conform to the appropriate safety standards. All products are routinely reviewed and updated documentation requested, guaranteeing consistent quality and adherence to safety standards for as long as we carry each item.

Magic Cabin - Earth Day


1-800-PetMeds Veterinarian Directory


Best Selling Flea and Tick Products

1-800-PetMeds® is America's Largest Pet Pharmacy, a publicly traded company (NASDAQ symbol: PETS). We deliver prescription and non-prescription pet medications along with health and nutritional supplements for dogs, cats and horses at substantial savings directly to you. We serve millions of satisfied customers nationwide from one location.

At 1-800-PetMeds® we are rapidly changing the way America buys pet medications - by phone, fax, mail and the Internet. We make the purchasing of pet medications as easy, convenient and economical as possible. To accomplish this, we have invested in state-of-the-art information systems and infrastructure along with trained Customer Care representatives, and a licensed pharmacy and veterinary staff.

We're revolutionizing the distribution of pet medications by focusing on customer satisfaction and delivering savings and convenience to our customers. Our goal is to promote pet health, save you time and money, and empower you to choose the best products. That's why we sponsor PetHealth101 ( ) as a resource for pet behavior, illnesses and medications.


Best Selling Joint Care

1-800-PetMeds - America's Pet Health Resource



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