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Paradysz Matera

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Paradysz Matera

Founded as an Email marketing agency in 1998. Established as a full-service Internet Marketing services firm in 2000.

Paradysz Matera

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PM Digital provides a full-range of Internet Marketing services , specializing in search engine marketing, datafeed marketing (comparison shopping engines and paid inclusion), affiliate program management, online media planning/buying, multi-channel planning/strategy, Email marketing and creative. Our staff of developers and engineers support these services through MediaHarbor® , our proprietary suite of tools and technology, that dramatically improves workflow efficiency and results.

Paradysz Matera

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Paradysz Matera

Since 1998, we've worked with well-known consumer brands across categories including Internet Retailers, Publishers, Nonprofits, Insurance Marketers and others.

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Paradysz Matera Yellow Pages

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