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ServiceMagic, Inc.

Get Matched to Home Contractors

ServiceMagic, Inc.

ServiceMagic was founded in December 1998 to make it easier for homeowners to get connected to the right home service professionals.

To revolutionize how people buy and sell local services.

To be the largest marketplace connecting homeowners to prescreened service professionals.

ServiceMagic, Inc.

Find Local Pros to Clean Ducts and Vents Free Service!


Serve Our Customers - We seek all customer comments and complaints, and firmly believe that every interaction is an opportunity to create a customer for life. We listen, we care, and we act to exceed their expectations and provide the best customer experience possible.
2. Get It Done Through Teamwork - We believe the team is stronger than the individual. We rely on the collective talent and creativity of each team member and partner to continuously improve. We treat every team member with honesty, candor, and respect. Most importantly, we celebrate our team victories and have fun every day.
3. Innovate to Win - We must constantly reinvent ourselves and challenge assumptions that limit our opportunities. We strive to anticipate future customer needs and then we solve what may seem unsolvable. We are not afraid of taking risks and making mistakes because the knowledge and experience that is gained will fuel our future breakthrough innovations.
4. Create Superior Value - We cherish our precious human and capital resources. We focus on doing the right work at the right time and wisely deploy our resources at all times. We are committed to creating superior value for all ServiceMagic stakeholders including our customers, partners, investors, employees and the communities in which we serve.


ServiceMagic, Inc.

Make the most of your ServiceMagic registration.

ServiceMagic, Inc.

Need Radiant Heating Pros? Get Matched to Multiple Pros Here. Free Service!

ServiceMagic, Inc.

Want Article and Advice Delivered to You Monthly?

Want to See What Lenders See on Your Credit Report?

ServiceMagic, Inc.

Electronics, Computers and Home Media Systems

ServiceMagic, Inc.

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