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Welcome to searchEstate.
Internet Advertising:: Online Advertising :: Free Advertising
We give you patent-pending Internet Billboards that will increase web site traffic.

A Major Search Engine that PAYS YOU to advertise.
searchEstate is revolutionary advertising : Online Advertising , Internet Advertising , Free Advertising and Web Advertising rolled into one Internet Advertising Solution . It is Advertising based on an Internet search engine. We are member-based and share our advertising spaces and revenues with our members.

Our advertising spaces are called Ad Billboards. This is Free Advertising that will increase web traffic for you. Online Advertising optimized for Internet Explorer and Firefox, they appear in our search engine and vast network of distributed web sites. In our system YOU own these pieces of digital real estate ("Search Estate"). The more you own, the more FREE Perpetual Advertising and money you will make.

When you join, you get our patent-pending Perpetual Advertising System that includes

> FREE web site for ALL your business opportunities
> FREE search portal that shares revenue with you
> Ad Billboards that rotate your text ads
> Unlimited Click-thru Sponsored Ads

If you would like a free website like this, click on the link underneath my search box above. It is a way for me to centralize all my business opportunities I am a part of, with a separate page for each opportunity.

Save this web site to your favorites. Thank you and I hope you find these listings as useful and profitable as I have!

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