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Gifts and Leisure at ShopNBC


Save a bundle on Jewelry, Watches, Apparel and more on Clearance at ShopNBC



About ShopNBC

Welcome to ShopNBC! We are a multi-media retailer that sells irresistible products through our home shopping television network, the Internet and direct mail. We are one of the nation's leading home shopping channels. With our exceptional quality, must-have merchandise at incredible values and first-rate customer service, we invite customers to "Be Good To Yourself."


Computers at ShopNBC


Home Décor at ShopNBC

ShopNBC broadcasts live, every day of the year, into approximately 60 million households. In addition, offers the opportunity to purchase everything shown on our television network, plus a host of additional items available exclusively online.

LCD TVs at ShopNBC


Jewelry at ShopNBC

Visit the On Air section to watch ShopNBC live and find your local ShopNBC cable channel, or watch us on DIRECTV channel 316 or DISH Network channel 228.

Our Products

We are known for our excellence in fine jewelry, brand-name watches, premium beauty items, quality house and home products, computers and much more.

We offer outstanding values on top brands, as well as unique items available exclusively at ShopNBC.

Watches at ShopNBC


Apparel at ShopNBC


Today, ShopNBC is the premier destination for:

House and Home
Computers and Electronics
Apparel and Accessories
Heath and Fitness
Gifts and Leisure


Beauty at ShopNBC


Electronics at ShopNBC

Our Top Value
Our Top Value offers a daily opportunity to get one special product at our lowest price of the season. Every Our Top Value is available for only 24 hours or while supplies last.


Our Top Value at ShopNBC

Spotlight provides exceptional new offers every single day on many different products. Each Spotlight offer is available for one day only.


Internet TV

CVM Package banner 120x60

Online television

CVM Package banner 385x30

JumpTV is the world's largest broadcaster of international and sports content over the Internet.

CVM Package banner 175x175

With over 300 channels from 80+ countries and 10,000 live sports events per year from over 175 teams and leagues, JumpTV offers a global audience the ability to stay connected to their favorite news, sports and entertainment content regardless of where they are in the world.

CVM Package banner 400x150

JumpTV International

With over 300 channels originating from more than 80 countries, JumpTV offers the greatest range of "International" or non-English-language television available on any one network in the world.

The composition of our global channel lineup is both broad geographically and deep in variety -- including top national broadcasters in nearly every country represented as well as leading regional and specialized channels for sports, music, news, culture and movies.

The majority of JumpTV's content is streamed live as we believe people want to view sports and news as it is happening. Viewers have fresh content often unavailable through any other means.

JumpTV also increasingly offers a significant amount of programming on a video-on-demand (VoD) basis.

JumpTV Sports

JumpTV Sports connects fans to their favorite teams, athletes and leagues - offering live pay per view and video-on-demand streaming of sports matches.

As well, JumpTV Sports designs and builds custom-branded sites, provides Web hosting, e-commerce solutions, online ticketing, mobile distribution capabilities and social networking technologies.

The JumpTV Sports division encompasses all of JumpTV's sports properties of over 175 university and professional team and league sites as well as international professional leagues and tournaments such as the Euro2008 qualifying matches, FIFA World Cup qualifying matches, the Israeli Football League and the Bolivian Football League.

Jump TV, Inc.

JumpTV Sports' subsidiary CyclingTV ( is the leading online video network offering dedicated cycling content - including major cycling events such as Vuelta A España, Paris Roubaix, The Queen of the Classics and Tour de Suisse.

JumpTV Sports' subsidiary SportsYA ( is a leading Hispanic sports portal providing editorial news coverage of sporting events throughout the Hispanic world. Sportsya offers mobile alerts with game stats and other functionality that is of value to the Spanish-speaking community worldwide.

Jump TV, Inc.


For broadcasters worldwide, JumpTV represents an opportunity to develop a new online audience for their networks, enhance internationally-based revenue streams, and develop previously unavailable demographic targeting of their audience. We provide channel partners with a turnkey solution for expanding their brand, reaching a new viewer base and developing expertise in the new world of Internet television.

Jump TV, Inc.

International television

Jump TV, Inc.

Gorilla Mobile

Gorilla Mobile

Gorilla Mobile FAQ

At Gorilla Mobile our goal is simple and clear :

Provide our customers with hassle-free international dialing from any cell phone in the US at the lowest rates possible.

Gorilla Mobile

Gorilla Mobile Residential

Make things easy for our clients
Life is complicated enough, so we want to help make life a little easier for our clients.  We do this by offering high quality service at a good price, and by eliminating complications wherever possible.  Go ahead and make international calls from your cell phone! 

Gorilla Mobile

Gorilla Mobile Rates

There are no PINS, no changing your wireless carrier, no pre-paying.  You won't get stuck in a loop of automated voice recordings when you call.  We offer simple-to-read on-line billing statements and we charge your calls directly to your credit card every month.  How's that for keeping it simple?

Gorilla Mobile

Gorilla Mobile Plans

Offer a good value
We know that rates are the first thing that everyone looks at when selecting a long distance plan.  If we didn't offer low rates, we couldn't be in business, and as such, Gorilla Mobile's rates are among the lowest in the industry.  Check them out on our Rates page.

Gorilla Mobile

Gorilla Mobile Dealer Locator

In addition, we provide a reliable Service.  We connect your international calls!  We are so confident in our service, that we put our money where our mouth is and offer a FREE TRIAL to new customers.

Gorilla Mobile

Sign Up For Gorilla Mobile Today!

Exceed client service expectations
We have a unique idea, treat our clients like we want to be treated.  When you call us, you will speak to a person, not a machine.  If you have a question, we will answer that question, no matter what it is.  Give us a call, and you'll see!

Gorilla Mobile

Save BIG on International Calling With Gorilla Mobile

Our clients are overwhelmingly satisfied with their Gorilla Mobile service!  And now you can try our service for free by registering online or by calling us

Gorilla Mobile

Gorilla Mobile Can Save You Up to 85% on International Calls!

How do I place an international call from my mobile phone using Gorilla Mobile?
After you sign-up, Gorilla Mobile provides an access number to call from your mobile phone.  When you call the Gorilla Mobile Access Number, we will recognize your phone and automatically provide you a dial tone.  Then just dial the international number to place your call. You must not press the SEND key after dialing the international number.

Gorilla Mobile

Big Savings with Gorilla Mobile on Int'l Calls for Nextel Users.

Does my wireless carrier charge me for the time used to place international calls made through Gorilla Mobile?
Yes.  You always incur your wireless carrier's applicable charges whenever you make a call.  You receive Gorilla Mobile's great rates for the international portion of your call.

Gorilla Mobile

Big Savings with Gorilla Mobile on Int'l Calls for Cingular Users.

How can I use speed dial to make things easy?
You can always save the Gorilla Mobile Access Number in your speed dial and enter your international number at the tone. Even better, save the Access Number followed by the pause button and then program 011 and your international number for one touch dialing.

Gorilla Mobile

Big Savings with Gorilla Mobile on Int'l Calls for Verizon Wireless Users.

Will I ever get a busy signal when I call the Gorilla Mobile Access Number?
No, you will not get a busy signal when you call the Gorilla Mobile Access Number.  We have a state-of-the-art digital switching system that will recognize your phone and automatically gives you a dial tone whenever you call.

Gorilla Mobile

Big Savings with Gorilla Mobile on Int'l Calls for ATandT Wireless Users.

Do I need to dial a secret code or a PIN to place a call?
No, with Gorilla Mobile there are no PINS and no hassles in placing a call.  We recognize our customers? mobile phones when they call the Gorilla Mobile Access Number.

Gorilla Mobile

Save Big with Gorilla Mobile on Int'l Mobile Calls.

Can I use the Gorilla Mobile Service from a prepaid phone?
Yes. You can use Gorilla Mobile from any phone or carrier from within the U.S.

Gorilla Mobile

Click Here to Save up to 85% with Gorilla Mobile on International Calls from your Mobile Phone.


Voice over Internet Protocol

What is Packet8?
A broadband telephone and videophone service like no other

Packet8 is an affordable and easy-to-use broadband telephone and videophone service. Designed with both residential and business customers in mind, Packet8 allows anyone with broadband (high-speed) Internet access to use their regular phone to make UNLIMITED calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Packet8 subscribers with videophones can make video call. All Packet8 subscribers get world wide UNLIMITED calling to other Packet8 subscribers at no extra charge. Calls to non-Packet8 international numbers (outside the U.S. and Canada) are charged at a very low per minute rate.

8x8, Inc.

What are the options?
Several residential and business offerings

When you subscribe to a Packet8 plan using our online store, you will be shipped a broadband phone service adapter (at no extra cost) or a standalone videophone (at a greatly discounted price) depending upon the plan. Along with the equipment, you will receive a 10-digit activation code. Packet8 will transfer your existing number or give you a new telephone number from the area code of your choice.

Packet8 offers several residential and business plans that are feature rich and include unlimited calling options. All plans include more cool features than are available from your old telephone company. Our retailers may offer different packages, including free service months and rebates.

8x8, Inc.

How does it work?
Packet8 routes your calls over the Internet

Packet8 sends all incoming and outgoing calls over a high speed internet connection (instead of the traditional public telephone networks) through the broadband phone service adapter or videophone There are no extra numbers to dial, no special instructions and no talking through your computer. Just pick up your phone, hear a dial tone and dial any phone number. Incoming calls ring your phone the same as any traditional phone.
To sum it up: with Packet8 you make and receive calls as you always have, but we route them more efficiently to save you money. Your phone call will have the same quality and your calling experience will be identical to what you have always had. But, your phone bill for local and long distance calling will be a lot less. And there's NO EXTRA CHARGES for features like voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, three-way calling, or long-distance calls to anywhere in the U.S., Canada or to other Packet8 subscribers worldwide.

8x8, Inc.

What do I need?
High-speed Internet access

To start enjoying Packet8 broadband phone service, you need:

  •  A broadband Internet connection such as cable or DSL
  •  A home router that allows you to share your Internet connection with multiple computers or Internet devices. (Many home routers cost as little as $30.00 and take just minutes to set up.)
  •  A Packet8 plan and some hardware (either a broadband phone service adapter or a VideoPhone.)


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