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How to get 1 million visitors on your web site
without paying a dime in advertisement !
These well guarded secrets have just permitted me to go from 1000 visitors a year to more than 1,000,000 ! Yes, that's 1 MILLION hits !

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P.S.: I don't know if you understood, I meant hurry up downloading the secrets while it's in here! Yellow Pages

Unlimited FREE Business Opportunity Leads - GUARANTEED will provide you with the tools to generate your own Unlimited FREE business opportunity leads - zero cost, zilch, nada, Yellow Pages


Let us show you NOW! Yellow Pages







================> Start Page Programs <==================

Create an avalanche of traffic with "Start Page" Programs!!

The simplicity is amazing.

If you follow the simple instructions below, you will create an

UNSTOPPABLE viral traffic machine! Below are links to some

"Start Page" programs we promote.

If you are unfamiliar with these programs, don't worry.

They are all free and very easy to comprehend.

Basically, they reward members with visitors when the member visits another member's website.

The exciting thing is, these programs reward you for referring new members.

And you DON'T have to surf all day to do it! All of the programs are FREE. I like FREE.

Don't you? If you are ready to start your avalanche of traffic, visit each link below and sign up!

Once you've done this, the rest is EASY.

First, go to *all* the programs and sign up.

126hits (autosurf)

126 Besucher pro Stunde (german site)

- AutoSurf Startseite 126 Besucher pro Stunde - Ratio 10 : 7 - Referral System - Startbonus 30 Besucher - Intelligente Startseite schnell und einfach - Erotikseiten sind erlaubt! - Sie wählen ob Sie Erotik gezeigt bekommen möchten - Seiten mit max. 1 PopUp sind erlaubt! - Sie wählen selbst ob Sie die Seiten mit 1 PopUp sehen wollen! - Spardosen Funktion Sie können Ihre Seite aktivieren oder Ihre Credits sparen - 20 Minuten Reloadsperre - 50 Bonuspunkte für jeden korrekt gemeldeten Regelverstoß - Bonuslinks im Login-Bereich - strenge Qualitätskontrolle der Seiten

Auto Hits (autosurf)

Would you like to receive unlimited hits to your site?

Welcome to AutoHits. AutoHits is a unique system for owners of web sites wanting high exposure. When using our system, your site is being shown to thousands of users - 7 days a week - 24 hours a day, while you are visiting a lot of interesting web sites! All this is done 100% automatically! We also offer exposure to multiple sites so that you can promote as many as you like, as long as they are approved. We carefully screen all websites to ensure that you view only quality, active pages! So why click, click and click to receive hits, when you can use AutoHits instead? Sign up - it is for free. All you have to do is sign up and let a browser window stay open. For each 5 sites shown in your browser, you will receive 4 shows in return. Not only do you receive unlimited hits, you also receive credits for your referrals too! But more about referrals when you have signed up. Join for AutoHits today - it's FREE.

Yes, I want to sign up

ClickEvolution (autosurf)

It´s clickevolutionary! and a race...

Free Traffic on a ONE/ONE basis!
Well over 3 Million hits a day.
Instant traffic - click surflink and you get traffic back immediately.
... or Buy Traffic: 100,000 hits. Fast delivery.


Transform Your Site With EternalHits!!

STOP! Do you need Traffic to your Web Sites? Do you want your sales to grow ? Or would you just like to Build Residual Traffic to your Web Sites? If any of your answers to the questions above are "Yes" then you have found the correct site to help you. Our site EternalHits can transform your site by giving you the power to drive visitors to your site every single day of the year, the power is just awesome, just look at some of the features we have listed below. Free Traffic Exchange; List an Unlimited number of Sites; 5 Referral Levels; Earn 50 visitors for each Direct Referral; Earn 20% of your Referrals Traffic; Win tons of extra Traffic in our weekly lottery; 100% Free to Join; Real Time Traffic Statistics; Real Time Banner Statistics; Real Time Text Advert Statistics; Add Multiple Banners and Text Adverts to your account; Free Click Tracking for Banners and Text Adverts; Earn 1000's of Hits to your site each day; 100% Free Traffic; Unlimited Promotion Power at your finger tips; Guaranteed Visitors to your web sites; Members Banners and Text Adverts shown Exclusively on site; Weekly Statistics Updates via Email; Cheap Advertising Solutions for when you need that Extra Boost in Traffic or Sales; A fully searchable directory where you can list your sites; Plus More features to come soon. (Watch This Space) Join Now, Click Here (autosurf)


Autopilot Hit Program

Tired of clicking for traffic? Try the Autosurf system! All you have to do, is sit back and relax as interesting apealing websites are shown via our automated rotation script in your browser.

SURF FOR TRAFFIC Promote your web-site, service or product by visiting web-sites and earning credits. By earning credits via our cheat-proof surf page, you can have thousands of customers sent to your website. JOIN

Increase your traffic automatically and painlessly. Get more hits without any clicking. Earn 20% of the credits earned by your downline for FIVE LEVELS along with a 2:1 exchange rate for personal surfing. This program is FAST and AUTOMATIC.

Signing up is fast and easy. Getting started takes less than 30 seconds.


1:1 Fast StartPage Ad Exchange, 20% Level 1 referral credits, 20% Level 2 referral credits, No pop-ups, no banners, and no hidden frames, Gold Members get double credits, free referrals, and free ad displays throughout our website! We participate in eBay's largest Community of Trusted Sellers. We know that joining a traffic exchange program and building up a downline takes time and effort. We are committed to making your efforts pay off.


Get UNLIMITED Hits Daily

Start Xchange is different than the rest! Here's why: You get a FREE page rotator, no more paying to rotate your sites! You get a FREE MyExchanges page, which lets you keep track of all your exchange usernames! You get a FREE membership to the StartXchange Safe List! You can Upgrade for $5/month and get alot more benefits! Very few, if any, give you all of that and more! Why wait, just sign up, its free! If you dont like it, nobody is stopping you from quitting!


Flare up your site with endless traffic for FREE!

It's a start page program * It's a exit traffic POP-UNDER program * It's a banner exchange Program * 100% FREE, and takes less than one minute to get started.

Traffic Flare is a SIMPLE viral marketing system that earns you traffic for FREE. After you sign up, we'll walk you through the process of setting your up your browser homepage and create codes for you to put into your website to earn more traffic. You'll then earn website HITS (actual visits to your website) by

Opening your browser * Every time someone visits YOUR website * Every time your friends/referrals open their browsers

In addition you can get UNLIMITED banner impressions through our banner exchange program. Every 2 times you display a banner on your website, your banner will be displayed once. There's no limit to this. With the referral system running 6 levels deep, this quickly MULTIPLIES so rapidly that you could be getting a few thousand hits EVERY DAY just by referring as few as 10 people.

Traffic Flare is 100% FREE, and you have no obligations.

Traffic G 'Super Surf'

TrafficG, Four Excellent Services, One Awesome Site!

SuperSurf Service. SuperStart Service. Exchanger Service. My Promotions Link Exchange Service. SuperSurf Service The SuperSurf Service allows you to visit members sites and in return other members visit your site, each site you visit gains you one visitor back to your site. Yes 1:1 Exchange rate.... This allows you to earn a visitor to your site every 30 seconds... SuperStart Service So how about driving traffic to your site by opening your browser, something you may do 100's of times a day? It sounds crazy, but that's exactly what the SuperStart does for you totally FREE! We give you a unique URL to set as your browsers startpage. When you open your browser, we direct you to other members websites, which in turn gives you visitors back to yours! You will also get 10% of all the traffic generated by 5 referral levels. Each time your referrals open a new browser window your account will be credited.


For most people, getting high-quality targeted visitors to their site is probably one of the "hardest" things to do ... unfortunately it's also the most important.

The reason it's difficult for most small businesses and online marketers is that the majority of popular site promotion strategies either take up A LOT of time, cost a lot of money, or are too risky. Right?

I want to let you know about a new, fully-automated traffic-generation system that can send 1000s of targeted prospects to your site, every single day, absolutely FREE!

Would you believe that this new system is:

-> 100% Free! - Always has been, and always will be

-> Automated - 5 minutes to set it up, then forget it

-> Targeted - you'll get only real, targeted traffic

-> "Viral" - your traffic will increase exponentially

I thought it was too good to be true at first ... but after testing it out, the results have been extremely profitable. And the feedback so far has been great:

... this is really amazing! I never thought something free could bring so much traffic. Truthfully, it seems to be working better than most of my paid ads."

Anyway, do us both a favor and check it out ASAP. It's still pretty new and you will benefit even more if you create your FREE account now before most people join.

Give it a try and let me know what you think ...

You can start getting more traffic in the next 5 minutes ... Join for Free!

Unfortunately, just about every traffic-generating strategy you're probably using now has it's problems. Maybe you've already realized that ...

Search Engines can definitely send you lots of targeted traffic, but despite what many "gurus" or software vendors say it's not easy - and it WILL cost you a lot of money, or a lot of time and hard work.

E-Zine Ads can also be a great source of new prospects, but as each day passes it gets harder and riskier. Most people get so many email ads they are starting to tune them out - response is dropping fast.

Banner Ads just aren't what they used to be. Response is pitiful, and there's a lot of risk involved. Have you found anyone willing to show your banner 1000s of times, where you only pay if it's profitable?

Believe it or not these are some of the "best" ways to promote your site. With all of these problems it's no wonder that most online marketers and small business owners just aren't seeing the results they had hoped for.

TrafficSwarm was created because almost every popular form of website promotion is too time consuming, too costly, or just too risky for the average small business and online marketer. And that's not cool.

But rest assured, TrafficSwarm is none of these things. It combines the best features of other popular traffic-generation systems with proven site promotion strategies and the result is something totally unique and much more powerful than anything you've seen or done before. Guaranteed!

Take advantage of this fool-proof system and you too can generate a swarm of targeted traffic to your site in the next 5 minutes. The Setup Wizard will walk you through the entire process ... Join for Free!

TrafficSwarm combines the best features of other popular traffic-generation systems with proven site promotion strategies, and the result is something totally unique and more profitable than anything you've seen before. More importantly, the result is literally unlimited quantities of targeted AND pre-qualified visitors to YOUR site, week after week. We're not talking about random web surfers or other low-quality traffic here ... Unlike many other traffic generation systems that "force" web surfers into viewing a particular page or website, TrafficSwarm gives them a choice. In doing so, it generates qualified and responsive prospects for YOU! Who do you think is going to be more likely to subscribe to your e-zine, download your trial software, purchase your product, etc? ... Someone who has read a short description of your site and decides to click to your site out of their own curiosity and/or interest ... or someone who is forced to view your site automatically? It's a no-brainer! TrafficSwarm generates visitors that are eager to learn more about what you're offering - visitors that are far more likely to take the action you want them to - because they have chosen to visit your site. Whether you're currently using another traffic generation system or not, you don't have to take our word for it. Join for Free and prove it to yourself!

When you create your account, you'll enter some basic information about the page or site that you want to promote - a Category, the URL, a Title, and a Description. This information is used to generate links to your site. Your links are then displayed all over the TrafficSwarm network - consisting of 1000s of other webmasters and 1000s of other sites like yours - and your site is also automatically included in the TrafficSwarm Search Engine. Each credit you earn or buy represents another targeted link to your site. Specifically, your links are displayed when other TrafficSwarm users open their web browser, AND when visitors leave THEIR website(s) via an exit "pop-under" window. The TrafficSwarm page that all users see always displays 6 categorized links, to generate the best response possible.

And don't forget, your site is also included in the TrafficSwarm Search Engine so anyone searching for what you offer has another way to find your site! The number of times your links are shown is based on a simple "credit" system. Listed below are the many ways that you earn traffic credits, and each credit represents another targeted link to your site ...

Set your browser's Start Page to your custom TrafficSwarm URL, and you will earn 1 credit each time you open your browser.

Visit other TrafficSwarm users' sites and you'll randomly earn between 1 and 25,000 credits for each site you visit!

Add the TrafficSwarm HTML Code to your web pages, and you will earn 1 credit each time someone leaves your website.

Refer other webmasters to TrafficSwarm (you will NOT believe how EASY this is, in fact, it happens automatically!), and you will also:

Earn 500 credits for each new user you refer * earn 1 credit each time they open THEIR browser * earn 1 credit each time someone leaves THEIR site

... down 5 "levels" deep! What this means is that if you refer Joe to TrafficSwarm, Joe refers Mary, Mary refers Bill, Bill refers Sally, and Sally refers Ed ... you will earn credits on ALL of these people, and people they refer too!

This is VERY powerful, because it's "viral". Once you refer a few other webmasters to TrafficSwarm (directly or indirectly) YOUR own site's traffic will increase exponentially and automatically. Join for Free!

Even if you can't, many people that you refer to TrafficSwarm CAN refer dozens or even hundreds of other users ... and most sites get more than 50 visitors per day. A million links to your site per day? It's possible. And remember, we're not talking about "free for all" links pages or other junk traffic. Your links will be highly targeted, displayed only on other sites that are similar to yours, and they WILL be seen and clicked on. Our Set-Up Wizard will walk you through the simple 3-step process, and you'll start receiving traffic in the next 5 minutes. What are you waiting for? We'll even give you 500 Free Credits to get started!


Build a Viral STAMPEDE of FREE Visitors to YOUR Website!

We ARE a FIRST Draft Visitor Xchange: No Login required to Surf, earn visitor credits every time you start your browser. Tell a few friends, and start earning passive visitor credits of 10% on 5 levels of referrals. ViralVisitors is a 2:1 Ratio Program Members may only visit your site once a day - no one person will eat up your credits 10% over-ride credits for 5 levels 10% over-ride commissions for 5 levels three entry levels - free membership - 2 levels paid associates no login required to surf Real Time Stats accessible 24/7 Bonuses, Contests and Surprises for free credits promote 1, 3 or 5 URLs depending on your level of membership Take ACTION - JOIN FREE


The Lader in Traffic Exchange!

1:1 traffic eychange, 2:1 startpage exchange, 5 tier referral program, promote as many sites as you want, add multiple banners with clicktrough tracking


Now, everyday, simply surf and try to earn just 10 hits in each program.

With continued promotion, you should be able to have a great downlines in not one but more

different programs just by promoting FREE TRAFFIC! How simple is that?

To get your FREE Traffic Building Tutorial send a blanc

You will receive 3 parts of the tutorial entitled:

"Learn How To Drive Over 5000 Free Hits To Your Website This Month Only Working 1 Hour A Day"

- Using - "The No-Hype Click Through Marketing System" That is it.

The great thing is, you can promote FREE TRAFFIC anytime you want to and add more referrals to all of your programs.

There is virtually NO LIMIT to number of referrals you can get!


It is very important that you advertise your StartPage REFERRER-URL`s to your friends

until you have built a huge downline with the StartPage programs.

Once you have built your downlines, then you can start advertising your own programs.

It would be very time consuming to keep advertising your own program if you had no downlines built first!

==============> good luck and happy surfing <================

How to Get INSTANT Hits to your NEW Business Page!

It's not rocket science but it is indeed a mystery to a lot of people! Getting traffic and hits is like the holy grail of the internet. You are going to learn how to immediately get hits and sign ups to your site!

800 hits a day or more with

Here is how you can use all of these programs at the same time:

Go to

and download their browser.

1. It is free (if you don't mind one discrete ad banner). This web browser allows you to display many web pages in the same window, arranged in whatever manner you want. If you later want to get rid of the banner ad, you can purchase it for some $.

2. Now click on all the links above to join these programs. If you are already a member of some of these programs you can just use the URLs you already have. When you join these programs make sure to save all the URLs - both for your start pages and for your referral links!

3. BroadPage has a feature that allows you to save any combination of URLs as individual layouts. First create a layout with 8 panels (two columns with four rows in each column). To do this, go to the top toolbar and click on the "close all panels" logo, the fourth logo from the left that looks like a wrapped gift. This will bring up a blank full screen panel. Then go to the "open new panel logo" third from the left that looks like an envelope with the top right corner bent over. Click on this seven times, which will give you eight panels, counting the original panel. Then click "Arrange" open and click on "Tiled Horizontally" This will give you your 8 panels. Next, insert the URLs from the above start page programs in the address space of the panels, a different URL in each panel. Then click on "Layouts" in the menu bar at the top of the page and then "Save Current Layout" in the drop-down menu to name and save this layout. Name it somthing simple, like "Startpage" Now you should see the name of the layout you just saved on the drop-down menu under "Layouts" in the top menu bar and on the menu bar on the left, which you can open, resize and close by clicking on the dot and arrows in the bottom left on the taskbar.

HINT: You can resize each panel by dragging and dropping the top, bottom, left or right frame bars of each. You can also maximize and restore each individual panel.

4. After having done this, every time you start BroadPage you can simply click on the saved layout in the menu bar on the left or from the drop-down menu under "Layouts". Be sure to close the left menu bar before surfing to make the panels as large as possible. When the pages finish loading, you can just follow down the left and right columns to bring up new pages in the manner required by each different program.

5. If you have a slow connection and/or not very powerful computer, opening eight pages at the same time may be too much. In such a case try less pages until your computer is running fast enough that you are happy with it.

6. BroadPage allows you to disable popups by clicking on "Options" in the top menu bar, then on "Popups" in the drop-down menu.

Using this method with a cable connection I can generate 800 hit credits in a little over 2 hours. You can set your own target according to your connection speed and time limits. I find Click Silo's hit counter a convenient tool to use for this purpose. Even without any referrals, working 8 start page exchanges at once using this method allows you to generate a large amount of traffic. Add the traffic you can generate by sharing this method with referrals and you are talking major streams of free traffic.

In the event you would like to experiment with other combinations of start page exchanges in BroadPage, above is a list of some others I have tried and tested.

You may even create three different layouts and use each of them about one hour a day or so to get more traffic. At last on Saturday and Sunday you may rest.

Here you are,

First layout: Startpages #1 to #8

Second layout: Startpages #9 to #16

Third layout: Startpages #17 to #24

and so on .....

OF COURSE, you must change my ID's into yours and set your Multiplying Email Biz URL as a targeted URL.

This system requires maybe 2 or 3 days of experiments and tests but after doing it you will love Broad Page.

Now you have your own business and a nice tool to promote it. So, take action now and enjoy! You should seriously check out the other links at on the INTERNET. You WON'T be sorry - unless you pass on the amazing info. Good luck and much success to you!

Info's, news, messages, submissions and commends welcome!

reach the webmaster at ....> Feedback Yellow Pages Yellow Pages

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